River Kupa, Gorski kotar

Rijeka Kupa flows from karst lake in the turquoise green color in the National park Risnjak near the place Razloge in Gorski Kotar.

Below her source, Kupa is a fast river, but after about twenty miles she calms and becomes peaceful rivers criss-crossed with many artificial waterfalls that were used in history to run the mills and sawmills. It becomes border river at the mouth of a river Čabranka.

In its upper (mountain) flow, the Kupa is struggling through a forested canyon of St. Ana. There is a system of 5 rapids, which we campaign on our rafting trip.

After twenty five kilometers Kupa comes to a place Brod na Kupi which is part of Delnice county. There you will find our sports and recreation center at Kralja Tomislava, 11.

Here, as you can see, we offer you rafting and canoe safari trips.

River Kupa is suitable for rafting boat ride when the water level is high and canoeing and kayaking when the water level is low. Beside that, in the summer Kupa is suitable for swimming and there are many beautiful beaches. Kupa is also rich in fish and is suitable for fishing.

On river Kupa there is only one hydropower plant (Ozalj) which was constructed by Nikola Tesla. River Kupa is 296 km long. It is the longest river that springs and ends in Croatia.

The first fifty kilometers is certainly the most interesting, in this part she is the “Mountain Beauty”.