Sea / lake kayaking

Sea kayaking is pure sea enjoyment. For this trip we use “sit on top” kayak which makes the remotest and most beautiful bays available.

Where others can not go by land, or even by boat, you can, with your sea kayak and enjoy the endless beautiful lagoons, rocky and sandy beaches, abundance of flora and fauna and endless, crystal clear sea.

Price includes a half day tour of the most beautiful beaches. Swimming, sunbathing, resting on the parts of the coast that are most deserving, and between sea activities you'll taste “Adriatic lunch” (additional charge) made of fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea..

Also we organize kayaking trips on Lakes of Lokve and Fužine that emphasize the natural beauty and are unavoidable as part of tourist offer of Gorski Kotar.

All other information about the trips you will get on the phone number 098 177 25 85 or email:

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241,10 kn (32 €) / 165,76 kn (22 €) * (*) children under 12 years
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With accordance we also arrange lunch.