Nordic walking

How can you improve quality of your life and make your body healthier?

With proper technique of Nordic walking or cross country skiing in snow conditions you will learn from our guides and instructors about Nordic Walking, you'll get the best health effects.You will be healthier, happier, feel better, you'll be more productive and thus more successful in all areas of your life.

This type of exercise that involves 90% of the muscles of your body is suitable for all categories of trainees and is considered a cross-country skiing along one of the most effective way of sports and recreation.

Why nordic walking?

Nordic walking is an ideal activity because it includes 90% of the muscles of your body that are activated using the proper technique of Nordic walking poles.

1. Effective full-body workout
Including 90% of muscle it shapes your entire body. Doing it 45 minutes 2 times a week will bring great results, visible on the arms and shoulders, thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

2. Strengthens the heart
In order to sustain 90% of the muscles, heart and blood vessels stronger working as evidenced by increased heart rate by about 20%. Nordic walking is an aerobic activity that quickly and easily reaches the health effects of exercise.

3. Prevention and mitigation problems
Medical research shows that Nordic walking increases muscle mass, relieves migraines, rheumatism, arthritis, prevents osteoporosis and reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

4. Saves joints
By using light and stable poles you unburden the passive part of the system to about 30%, which is especially valuable for people who have problems with the joints of the lower body and back. Proper technique is critical to relieving the joints.

5. Boosts immunity
Staying in the fresh air and exercise of moderate intensity strengthens the defense power of the organism..

6. Reduces stress and improves mood
Nordic walking, after 20 minutes stimulates the secretion of hormones that cheer and comfort. The relaxing effect of the challenges of everyday life is something that many people have tried dealing with, with Nordic walking, and they are always so happy to return to it.

7. Ideal activity for losing weight
Hands over the poles are actively involved in walking, body weight is distributed on four points, allowing a longer duration of action,necessari in weight loss programs. Mollifying influence of gravity, we can walk longer without feeling tired. With this healthy way of moving, we can burn up to 40% more calories than walking the same speed without poles.

8. From 9 to 99 - easy to learn at any age
Family activity which includes everyone from children to the elder ones - everyone can easily and quickly learn the technique of Nordic walking.

9. In any weather, all year round
With appropriate clothing and footwear, in all weathers, in all year, in nature, in parks, on-roads, alone or in company, you can walk with poles for Nordic walking.

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(*) price of “Small School” includes the use of our poles for Nordic walking, and a program running in the most beautiful parts of Gorski Kotar.

With the agreement, we can arrange overnight accommodation, lunch and other activities in Gorski Kotar.

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